porto trip

study trip 2014-15

September 2014
We will go as a class. 
Everyone should endeavour to go. 
We will arrange accommodation at a nice hostel in a vaguely ok part of town. 
You will arrange your own travel and accommodation outside the class trip dates if you want to stay longer.

Details to follow.

study trip 2013-14

Alberti said that the city and the house were analogues of each other. We will use rooms + cities as a way to organise our strategic thought for the unit. For instance, we will move between room mode and city mode, between the 1:10 detail and the 1:000 site plan.

Is there a typology of rooms and cities? [are cities defined by their typical private and public spaces?]

We will be staying in Porto from  Tuesday 23nd to Friday the 27th September 2013 at the World Spru Porto Campanhã: an international student residence close to the centre of the city. The cost of accommodation is 22 euro per person, per night in rooms shared between 2. All students will travel independently in order to allow you to spend more time in Portugal should you wish to do so (we won’t be leaving the city during the three study days so if you wish to go to Braga, or Lisbon for example – you may want to tag this on beginning or end). If you would like to stay additional nights in Porto, in the hostel, this should be possible but the hostel will need to know in advance.

The object of the trip is:
  • To find and record suitable sites for design projects - these might be buildings and/or gaps.
  • To study a specific, existing room in relationship to the city of Porto with a view to making detailed and analytic drawings, 
There are several online reference points you may find useful - the city hall website will give you access to detailed and accurate maps style data for the city & Porto Vivo which is the urban heritage organisation has a series of PDFs which describe characteristic buildings in detail.

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